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10-Nov-2017 14:25

It provided tour information, band facts, MP3 downloads, and assorted exclusive content provided by the studio, Capitol Records, in addition to the idle conversation that typified the chatterbots of that period.In March 2002, Googly Minotaur was switched off, and responded with the message "Since his catapult into buddy-hood, Googly Minotaur has sent about 60 million IM messages to nearly 1 million different here = (04/08/2016) sunrise and noon added (08/08/2016) 3D, fly, sail modes added (18/08/2016) ship, ship2, auto, smooth added (23/08/2016) shadow version added (22/09/2016) 3D avatar speaking love poetry added (24/09/2016) sky mode added (04/10/2016) mute mode (avatar, short messages only) added (06/10/2016) forest mode added here you can find a online demo of fast full shadow mapping without depth or float texture for basic html5 webgl that doesnt have these features.(works better with firefox) , and webglcarsimheight , a free 3D osm car game using real world osm openstreetmap realtime online data . drive on millions kilometers of roads and thousands towns all over the world. v=dbq_SIo7o JM (04/05/2015) new radio [R] added (20/05/2015) stop, cross panels added (21/05/2015) speak voice added (24/05/2015) autopilot mode added (27/05/2015) 3rd view car model added (05/06/2015) cars traffic added (09/06/2015) mouse on screen control added (26/06/2015) city panels added , switchable shadows (30/06/2015) click on google maps to teleport (03/07/2015) eiffeltower,libertystatue,christrio,domerock,gizah,capitol,tajmahal,buddah added (05/07/2015) autopilot forward added, click on screen to move cockpit,reclick to reset (06/07/2015) static/moving shadows (12/07/2015) fog added (15/07/2015) rocs added (19/07/2015) draw far land added (20/07/2015) mystreetview added (shif M) (21/07/2015) foot ascend mode (climb walls) added (A) (23/07/2015) clouds shadow added (20/08/2015) save/load export/import file gamesave (09/10/2015) long roads and bridges support (13/10/2015) optimized shadows shaders (fps 10-face3D chung is a small mesh editor with which you can create speaking 3D obj character avatar head objects with texture from a single photo of any man or woman for your games. freewebcar chung est un jeu gratuit 3D google static maps / osm openstreetmap web car / foot / flight simulation avec reelles donnees de villes et routes du monde et simulation de traffic de voitures ecrit en freebasic compilé avec usage de http web sockets.=sunset chung is a sunsets / sunrise / noon / sky open GL displays with moves , zoom and sound , and switchable animated water sea (calculated by texture algorythm , source included in the zip file) written in classical open GL and freebasic , no glsl shaders support needed .

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